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NYSHIP Members Are Covered For Massage Therapy

NYSHIP Massage Therapy offers a unique opportunity for NYSHIP members to access specialized massage treatments that cater specifically to their health needs. Our services are designed to provide relief from the physical strains associated with various occupations and lifestyles. By choosing NYSHIP Massage Therapy, members can benefit from treatments that are not only therapeutic but also tailored to the specific demands and health guidelines of New York State health insurance plans. This ensures that every session not only meets but exceeds the standard care expectations for holistic wellness.

We offer flexible scheduling and a user-friendly booking system to accommodate the busy lives of our clients. Our therapy sessions are designed to fit seamlessly into your health regimen, supported by NYSHIP coverage that helps make managing health costs simpler and more predictable. By choosing Healing Holistically, you are taking a step towards enhanced physical health and overall well-being, with the peace of mind that your therapy is covered under your insurance plan.

If you are a NYSHIP Member and need to book your massage therapy session, be sure to call or book today.